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Bring an active healthcare of international standard open to all people.
We are fully engaged in the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.


An healthy life style based on active diseases prevention, characterized by the hyghest quality healthcare services, through the construction of multifunctional centres all over the world and global diffusion of the Mediterranean diet.


Roll Out & Development Innovative Mixed Use. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is proposing just that Fighting Fat Around the World, Pharmaceuticals and health care, Food, Commercial weight loss, diet management and nutrition, Sports apparel and equipment.

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Look who we are, how we want to operate and where we are starting from

Pilot project

Our pilot project is the structure nearing completion located in Lecce, Italy. Look at the aerial images of the area

Fighting Obesity

Among our goals there is the defeat of obesity. with a cartoon we make “light” a subject that is “heavy”…

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